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About Us

One More Tile is a collaborative executive team of three with a combined experience in construction and the service industry.

About One More TileWe have combined our specialized and diverse knowledge in the tiling and building industry to provide a well rounded customer experience. Our understanding of materials, technology and trends coupled with our building expertise and innovation lends a unique ability to deliver a fast, effective, quality service, with a variety of beautiful and practical tiles.

We have the intuitive expertise and knowledge gained through 15 years of experience in the industry to foresee and resolve issues which may invariably arise during the course of any project and guide you safely through by effectively applying our professional expertise to deliver a satisfactory result.

Having worked in Australia / Asia and Europe our directors are well positioned to assess the needs of clients, they take great pride in understanding their requirements and delivering a tailored design to match each client's vision. They understand the cultural differences of how tiles fit into a homelife as well as the logistical demands of delivery in a timely manner.